For those arriving from the highway Turn off the airport service road and come straight back to building # 2552A; the entry door is at the side of the building. Highway 102 – Lincoln Road
  1. Highway 102 – Lincoln Road
  2. Entrance from service road
  3. Capital Airways Building # 2552A
  4. Delta Taxi-way
  5. Capital Airways
  6. Parking along the side
  7. Entrance


Customs Access Gate 1A

Phone to Contact Customs

Gate 1A is directly in front of parking spot 4 when coming off the main ramp.

Unicom is 122.875

Mike Dana

Vice President / Director of Operations

Jerry Waugh

FBO Manager

Office: (506) 446-3588
Mobile: (506) 238-3653
Home: (506) 446-3086 after 1900 hours